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12 Apostles to Cape Otway


12 Apostles to
Cape Otway

Savour the splendour of the Great Ocean Road on the ultimate helicopter tour.

Scan the entire coastline for hidden treasures. Gasp as ocean spray claps at craggy stacks. Turquoise waves lap at golden sand. Lush forests grip to towering cliffs. Rusted anchors protrude from deserted bays.

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1. The 12 Apostles
Witness the magnificent limestone cliffs and crumbling pillars created by the stormy Southern Ocean over millions of years.
2. Loch Ard Gorge
Golden cliff faces with vibrant green tufts of vegetation flank a stunning pearlescent bay. Hear the remarkable history of Tom and Eva as you soar over the crystalline waters.
3. The Sentinel
Separated from the mainland by wild weather, Sentinel Rock stands guard over the eastern gateway to the Great Ocean Road.
4. The Arch
A precariously perched natural arch fending off blusters and blows from the prevailing wind and waves. Watch as the swell rises through the centre and rumbles out the other side.
5. London Bridge
The golden arch was once connected to the mainland as a dual-span bridge. When one arch collapsed in the 90s, it reminded people of the impermanence of the coastline’s dramatic features.
6. The Grotto
Ocean spray and sunrays cast rainbows in the fine mist. Peer through the open cave as the rock pools are filled by thunderous waves.
7. Schomberg Reef
Schomberg takes its name from a giant clipper that wrecked upon the reef in 1855. Fierce seas have led to many shipwrecks. Marvel at the rough seas from the comfort of your helicopter.
8. Bay of Martyrs
The view from Bay of Martyrs is considered one of the most spectacular coastal scenes in Australia. Witness the vibrancy of the golden bay and rock stacks against a bright blue sky.
9. Bay of Islands
Less visited but equally as beautiful as the 12 Apostles, the Bay of Islands has more than a dozen jagged rock stacks. Irregular boulders protrude from azure waters, wildflowers dance in the ocean breeze and rare birds nest along golden cliffs.
10. Wreck Beach
Green moss and golden sand set the backdrop to wreck beach. The rusted anchors of the Marie Gabrielle and Fiji are stark reminders of the power of the ocean and the shipwreck history of Victoria’s southern coast.
11. Moonlight Head
Separating a plethora of coves, the protruding cape is cinematic in its drama. High cliffs overlook the temper of the Southern Ocean. Every colour of blue rushes towards the bluff in a frenzy. Waves crest and foam melts over rocky platforms.
12. Milanesia Beach
Soar alongside this pristine deserted beach only accessible from the Great Ocean Walk. High cliffs, rock platforms and reefs surround this majestic spot.
13. Johanna Beach
A popular spot for surfing, walking and coastal picnics. Fly over the picturesque beach and witness a taste of Australian life as it unfolds below.
14. Castle Cove
One of the few places where the Great Ocean Road meets the Great Ocean Walk. Trees, wildflowers and grassy terrain weave down to a golden beach, where the remains of five species of dinosaur have been uncovered.
15. Aire River
Crystalline water laps at white sand where the Aire River meets the Ocean. This picturesque river descends from the Otway Ranges from nearly 2000 ft, take in the beauty as the flight leads on to Cape Otway.
16. Rainbow Falls
This spring fed year-round waterfall over the sheer cliffs has created a moss covered rock face with a rainbow of differing colours.
17. Cape Otway Lighthouse
The crescendo of your Cape Otway flight. Soak up the views of Australia’s oldest lighthouse. The pilot will unveil historic tales as you fly over the important beacon. You may even catch a glimpse of migrating whales at certain times of the year.
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