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I am a single passenger, can I book and fly?

We do not accept single person bookings or gift vouchers as we need a minimum of two tickets per flight. Single tickets are able to be purchased from our heliport on the day, so please arrive at a time that suits and we will aim to join you with other passengers on the day. Alternatively, private flights are available at additional cost for those preferring to travel by themselves.

Do you have age restrictions?

We cater for all ages, from infants to the elderly with everyone able to enjoy our scenic flights. Children over the age of 2 years require their own seat, priced the same as an adult. Infants who have not yet reached their 2nd birthday are able to sit on the lap of an adult for a small fee.

How many people can fit into one helicopter?

We can seat up to seven passengers in one helicopter. Each of our aircraft have different minimum passenger numbers. As such, groups of 5 passengers may be required to split into 2 smaller groups. For further information on how this may affect your group, please contact us.

If I purchase tickets, will I be the only passengers on the tour?

Purchasing tickets on our website or in person at our front counter for one of our tours does not guarantee that other customers will not be on board the same flight. Customers are purchasing tickets on a tour and not a private flight. Private flights can be arranged at an additional charge.

What is the best time to fly?

Throughout the day there is a large change to the colours of the coast, in both the water and rocks. We do enjoy the mornings, as the lighting is beautiful.

Are online bookings necessary?

We recommend booking online, however we do cater for walk in passengers.

What is your cancellation policy?

Full details of our company policies can be found here.

How early do we need to arrive prior to our booking?

Please arrive 10-15 minutes prior to your flight time to receive your tickets and a safety briefing.

Do you have a weight limitation?

Each aircraft has a different limitation, both with seat and overall aircraft weights. We can cater for all passengers, however there may be a delay if an individual passenger weight is over 136kg or your group of 3 passengers are over 300kg.

I am pregnant, can I still fly?

We fly at low altitudes (max 1000ft/300m), so we do not have any restrictions. We do however recommend that if you are in your 3rd and final trimester that you check with your doctor prior to flying.

What precautions is 12 Apostles Helicopters taking in the COVID-19 environment?

12 Apostles Helicopters has developed a Coronavirus (COVID-19) Management Plan to ensure best practice is being used to prevent the spread of the coronavirus within and through our workplace. If you would like to see what steps are being taken, please click here to download a copy.

What happens if the weather does not look favourable?

We can still fly our aircraft in the rain and wind, with overcast weather producing some amazing colours in the rocks and cliffs. In rare circumstances we will not be able to fly due to visibility and low cloud. Please see our cancellation policy above for further information.

Do you offer sunset flights?

Unfortunately Parks Victoria do not allow flights to operate from our heliport at sunset, with set times that we need to cease operation.